A company that’s been making a lot of noise in the party scene actually makes no noise at all. Quiet Events has become the go-to company for events such as quiet clubbing, comedy and outdoor movies. The magic behind Quiet Events is all in the headphones. All sound is played through the headphones and can’t be heard in the venue, leaving everyone with his or her own party experience. The headphones allow participants to party virtually anywhere – clubs, rooftops, even the beach.


As summer kicks into full swing, people are ready for two things: partying and the beach. Quiet Events wanted to find a way to combine the two, and what better way than to host a beach rave in sunny Los Angeles, California? With an expected turnout of 3,000 people, Quiet Events needed a way to handle renting headphones to such a large crowd. Their previous method, which involved taking an ID, signing a printed waiver and handing out a claim ticket seemed far too time consuming and hectic.

Thankfully, they reached out to Chexology, which had the perfect solution. Using the NFC technology, party goers could simply give their phone number, swipe a credit card, and agree to the terms of the event electronically, saving time and a headache for all involved. Chexology’s technology even takes a lightning quick photo of everyone upon check-in, linking them to their headphones so there’s no confusion when the headphones are returned. Not needing to hold on to a claim ticket is crucial for a beach party, as those in attendance wear next to nothing!


Chexology made the rental process at this high occupancy event run extremely quickly and efficiently, allowing everyone to leave at once. Thanks to the removal of the claim ticket, party goers didn’t have to wait in line behind thousands of people to return their headphones when the DJs stopped spinning. They simply touched their headphones to the Chexology system and danced happily off the beach. Chexology saved so much time with arrival and return times, party goers could experience the event longer than ever before. Quiet Events has already signed on to work with Chexology in the future. Let’s just say – we made waves.


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