Nike, a leader in sports equipment manufacturing, has grown to be a global household name ever since it was founded in 1964. As a testament to its tagline “Just Do It”, Nike inspires athletes to get moving by hosting public sporting events and athletic tournaments worldwide. With 51 years under its belt, Nike remains one of the most recognizable brands in the world of sports.


Nike’s experiential marketing agency, Game Seven Marketing (G7), was tasked with putting on an authentic, innovative and efficient basketball tournament in New York City. G7 knew players would be toting multiple equipment and duffel bags, which often results in long lines, mix-ups, lost tickets and headaches for everyone involved. As G7 prides themselves on being forward thinkers, relying on speed and efficiency to flawlessly deliver on all client objectives, they knew a paperless ticket system that matched items to players through images was the solution.

Enter Chexology. Using custom-branded, ticketless technology, players were greeted with a new and exciting bag-checking service, providing them not only with peace of mind during games, but also quick retrieval by phone number during transitions. With players moving from court to court, and with the final tournament taking place at an entirely different arena, the flow of check-in and check-out had to be on point in order for teams to stay on schedule.


The response to Chexology’s bag checking system was met with applause, as players from throughout the city checked in and out faster than ever. With Chexology drastically cutting down the average waiting time at bag check, teams were able to focus 100% on their game, and effortlessly move on to the next round.

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