A company that’s been around for almost a century, Delta Air Lines helps more than 160 million travelers get around every year. Connecting people on six different continents, Delta offers global rewards programs and sky clubs to make sure its customers receive great benefits.


Along with its elite, award-winning First Class and Business domestic and international services, Delta knows the importance of providing benefits on the ground as well as in the air. Delta consistently holds events and conferences, ranging from small global sales events to 80,000 person conferences. During these events, Delta has embraced the social media age, encouraging attendees to post and communicate about their experiences. But what they came to realize was that guests’ phones were dying as time passed during the events, leaving them unable to communicate. Outlets and charging stations were few and far between in the event venues and attendees became frustrated.

Chexology provided Delta with Mophie™ phone chargers, which allow guests to keep their phones while they charge. Delta found yet another way to provide a great benefit to its customers.


Thanks to the quick, easy and reliable Mophie rentals, Delta seamlessly integrated another perk into its offerings without the headache of a typical rental service. And Chexology continues to leverage its innovations in building a fantastic partnership with Delta. We’ve helped Delta capture thousands of leads that otherwise wouldn’t have been accessible, and customers gain another great experience associated with the company. For Delta it has been a win-win situation, because as any airline knows, shutting down completely is a thing of the past. Take charge!


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