Space Ibiza, known for its all night parties, is one of the most legendary nightlife and entertainment brands in the world. In September 2014, they launched their first North American location in, where else, the “City That Never Sleeps”, New York. The Space brand is synonymous with prestige and quality and has been at the pinnacle of nightlife venues for nearly 25 years. They continually look to set the standard for ideal club experience and were voted the best global club in 2013.


After launching in New York, one of the biggest challenges the club faced was, of all things, space. There simply wasn’t enough room available to operate a successful coat check. But having fun on the dance floor leaves no room for carrying a coat, so the last thing they wanted was for customers to complain. Thankfully, CoatChex had the perfect solution to keep the party going.

CoatChex built a state of the art, four story coat check room, customized to allow 700 items, along with satellite locations on the main floor and basement levels to hold an additional 300 items. CoatChex also built a permanent second story platform, allowing partygoers to easily and safely retrieve their coats. But CoatChex’s services didn’t stop there. Space Ibiza also took advantage of Chexology’s data analysis application, creating a customer database filled with imperative information. The data from the application gives Space knowledge of arrival and departure times, dwell times, local vs. out of town visitors, and whether they came because of a specific event or night of the week. They can also connect with their most loyal customers and give back perks such as free cover and other incentives. All guest information is kept private, and Space is now able to stay connected to patrons through SMS text messages.


By revolutionizing the way bars and nightclubs check items in and out, CoatChex transforms coat checking into an efficient, trustworthy and essential option.

CoatChex helped Space Ibiza New York instantly become one of the hottest clubs in Manhattan. The transformation of Space’s coat check room has led to an average of 450 check ins per night, the capability to check in 95 items per hour per attendant and an average check out speed of just 22 seconds. And out of the 4,200 people who have checked into Space Ibiza New York using the CoatChex app, over 700 have opted to receive Space’s e-newsletters and special offers. Let’s party.


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